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Orbis Technology exists to provide educated, unbiased, and experienced advice from experts in the Information Technology world.
We provide the knowledge and experience necessary to avoid mistakes and increase value.

Orbis Technology was founded with the simple mission to provide educated, unbiased, and expert advice to our customers.  Free from obligations to vendors, Orbis Technology is uniquely positioned to help our clients find the best solutions to complex technology needs.  
Technology Consulting
The Four Stages of Competence begin with Unconscious Incompetence, or "not knowing what you don't know."  This is where most technology problems begin.  You may be faced with a major problem, a looming expense, or the dread of meeting compliance.  The unknown-unknown leaves you walking a tight-rope in the dark.  

Orbis Technology can help shed light on your specific problem and bring a foundation of experience and knowledge to the rescue.  Since we don't represent a specific hardware or software product, we can provide unbiased advice based on decades of real experience from helping other clients like you.  Together we can quickly strip away "fad" buzzwords and work with you to reach a working answer to your problem.  We also remain accountable to your success, by ensuring your requirements, schedule, and budget are met.
Network Architecture
Networking is the equivalent of plumbing in your home.  You don't care so much about valves and pipes, as you do being able to get clean water where you want it, when you want it.  You also want all the excess to drain away, without a second thought.  You want to drink, wash, clean, cook, and bathe.  You don't want to fill & haul buckets, or empty bed pans.

Network hardware and systems move information from one system to another.  Networks are the often-silent systems you use without knowing it.  Every time you open a web page, read or send an email, open a file, or run a software program.  Today, your experience of technology arguably *is* the network.  The next time your Internet goes down and you're left feeling "now what?" - you'll understand this.

Business networks are often larger than home networks, in that more people depend more directly on the network to get work done.  Simply serving more people and being more critical don't necessarily mean more complex or costly.  Business networking is where our company began in 2001, and it remains our core competency on which all our other skills build.

We have decades of experience building networks that work.  We're experts in high speed, high reliability networks that connect entire buildings, campuses, and businesses that span the country.  We understand and have real-world experience with wireless networks in warehouses, retail, office, industrial, and outdoor spaces.  We have the tools to accurately measure and troubleshoot performance issues so we can guarantee the performance and reliability of your network.
Data Center & Virtualization
Server systems are the engines that drive your business technology.  Databases, files, applications, and other systems depend on dedicated equipment to keep information readily accessible day & night.  Centralization of key systems means everyone can be on the same page, sharing information in real time.  However, the "all eggs in one basket" reality of data centralization means you can be left turned-out if the systems turn-off.

Our team understands the landscape of server and data center implementation.  From physical location & security, power & cooling, to hardware selection, installation, all the way through operating system selection and configuration, to third-party software integration and application delivery - we know how to build core systems to serve your business needs.

Today, technology has equalized across the industry.  What was once technology only available to large corporations, is now available affordably to the smallest business.  We use systems like virtualization, replication, high-availability, and fault-tolerance to minimize downtime as much as needed.  Our solutions can make core business systems nearly impossible to stop.  All the while maintaining security, speed, and a budget.   
Information Security
Security & compliance - no other words could be so revered and yet so misunderstood.  While the question "Are we secure?" is simple, the answer is far from straightforward.  Each industry and each business has different needs.  Often, the basic requirements needed to pass a "compliance questionnaire" are not costly.  Ensuring your organization doesn't make the headlines is a different story.

Security is a process - not a destination.  While some mechanisms can be put in place and periodically checked, rigorous security must cover many angles and do so simultaneously.  From physical security, to training, auditing, reporting, and response, Orbis Technology, Inc. has the expertise to help your company arrive at a comprehensive and *rational* approach to security and compliance.  
Technical Support & Help Desk
Customer service boils down quickly.  No matter how careful the planning, problems will arise.  The measure of service in our business is simple - we answer the phone.

We encourage our clients to involve us early and often.  Not because that generates revenue - often our support services are fixed cost.  The earlier we're involved in any new business process, the more we can steer the process away from known pitfalls.  We take great pride in being able to prevent problems.  Our value pays the most dividends the earlier and more often it's used.

For all other situations, our support and help desk services are the backbone of our company.  By providing quick access to knowledgeable people that our clients often forge long-term relationships with, we can shorten the time to resolution for your problem dramatically.  Our help desk scales to support the smallest business to the largest enterprise, affordably, with flexible options for pricing.
Private Data Center & Cloud
Nearly every client we have has some system, server, or core technology component that resides in-house.  Today, "cloud" services are transforming the way businesses consume and pay for technology.  The promise of commodity, scale-able technology resources that respond to your performance needs, and minimize your costs, is upon us.  Yet cloud services have not always been so clear.  Pricing calculation alone can be opaque.  Utilization reporting, performance tuning, and cost auditing can be more daunting.  Orbis Technology, Inc. has unique experience and inside connections to all the major commodity cloud providers, including AWS, Azure, and Google.  We know how to navigate the landscape and bring transparency to cloud services, so you can make an informed decision for your needs and budget.

When commodity cloud providers simply cannot deliver on your specific needs, Orbis Technology, Inc. has invested in our own private cloud infrastructure.  Modeled on the processes of the largest cloud providers, our private cloud gives you the same level of data protection and availability, while delivering higher performance and higher reliability at a lower cost.
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